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Squirrel-cage induction motor simulation

squirrel cage electric machine, squirrel cage rotor, magnetic field finite element analysis FEA

Problem Type:
Plane-parallel problem of nonlinear magnetostatics.

Geometry of the squirrel-cage induction motor:

squirrel-cage induction motor

Squirrel-cage induction motor data:
Rated power Pn=1.5 kW,
Rotating speed Nn=1390 rpm,
Voltage Un=380 V,
Frequency f=50 Hz

Study is made on a half pole length, because of the symmetry of the machine and the limitation of the Student's Edition package.

The nonlinear magnetization curves of the laminations and of the shaft are given in the "Data" file. Current density in the coils (Cu1,Cu2,Cu3) is for the rated power of the motor. The model is useful for other operating points too.


squirrel-cage induction motor simulation

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