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Cylindrical coaxial coils interaction force

magnetic force between coaxial coils, electromagnetic FEA finite element analysis of cylindrical coils

In the lab the forces are measured by electrotic balance on which one of the coils is installed. Tests are performed with currents varying, and different conductors and ferromagnetics are placed between coils.

Problem type
Plane-parallel problem of DC magnetics, AC magnetics.

Due to symmetry of the formulation only upper half of the problem (above ab line) is defined, and at the axis of symmetry (line ab) the boundary conditions are set.
Cylindrical coaxial coils interaction force Find the force applied to the coils with current with and without the shield between them. O a b Metal disc 150 mm 25 mm 27 mm Ø300 mm Ø90 mm Ø160 mm

Current density in the coil j = 0.1 A/mm².
Relative magnetic permeability of the steel disc μ= 1000.
Electrical conductivity of steel disc σ= 10 MS/m.
Electrical conductivity of aluminum disc σ=37 MS/m.
Coils are wound by insulated wire, so cross-section conductivity in coils σ= 0 S/m.

Find the force between the coils carring current with and without the shield between them.

Along the horizontal symmetry axis (line ab) Bn =0.
Equation B=rot A in cylindrical coordinate system leads to A=const at the axis ab. The field fades at the infinity, so due to the condition of continuity of the potential A=0 at the line ab.

Field distribution around the coils:

two cylindrical coaxial coils magnetic simulation

Shield type Frequency Interaction force, mN Problem name
No shield 50 Hz 0.533 lab2.pbm
Steel 50 Hz 0.098 lab2_Fe.pbm
Aluminum 50 Hz 0.282 lab2_Al.pbm
No shield - 0.533 lab2c.pbm
Steel - 0.138 lab2c_Fe.pbm
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