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QuickField simulation example

Thermal insulating vessel (thermal conductivity of the material is given) separates a heated agent from the ambient space so that temperature difference between its internal and external sides is 220°C.

Problem Type
Axisymmetric problem of heat transfer.

Vessel thermal insulation model Thermal insulating vessel separates a heated agent from the ambient space Material T0 T0 + 220°C r2 r1

R1=610 mm, R2=700 mm

Thermal conductivity of the material λ=0.083 W/(m·K);
Temperature of the external boundary T0;
Temperature of the internal boundary T0 + 220°C.

Calculate heat flux passing through the spherical surface of the vessel.

The problem is linear, and passing flux will be the same for any specific setting of T0. For simplicity we may consider T0=0°C (273.15 K).

Vessel thermal insulation temperature

Heat Flux, W
QuickField 1089.8
Theory* 1088.67

*Rajput R.K.(2010). Engineering Thermodynamics, Third Edition. Sudbury, MA:Jones and Bartlett Publishers. p 816.