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High voltage bushing design*

High voltage bushing is used to insulate the electrical conductor passing through the conducting wall of the electrical equipment. High voltage bushings materials include various types of ceramics, resins or paper impregnated by various compounds. They should have high breakdown voltage and withstand deterioration due to partial discharges and material aging.

high voltage bushing

High voltage bushing design should prevent the electric discharge between the high-voltage insulator and other electrodes and grounded surfaces. Additional design considerations may include the thermal and mechanical integrity of the bushing under various operating conditions. High voltage bushing simulations may include electric and thermal field analysis. Electrostatic field simulation for a high-voltage bushing, temperature field simulation for a high-voltage bushing are standard procedures in the high voltage bushing design today.

QuickField software may be effectively used for high voltage bushing simulations. QuickField electrostatic analysis will provide the map of the electric field distribution in and around the high voltage bushing. After the main bushing parameters are defined, Thermal and stress analysis modules may help to design the bushing properly.

high voltage bushing electric field

  • High voltage bushing simulation examples are:
    Arcing horns bushing insulator
    Bushing insulator
    Porcelain corrugated insulator
    Stratified high voltage bushing

    QuickField 6.4