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Methods of scaling for QuickField simulation

scalable diffusion processes simulation

Methods of scaling for QuickField simulation

While simulating the physical field diffusion processes (i.e. propagation of the flows of mass, heat or electromagnetic field) in the space with extremely small or large size, the time duration of these processes may be also extremely short or vastly long. But it is not necessary to simulate the processes in the real scale of size and time. Using the theory of similarity it is possible to considerably simplify this task by converting it to the convenient ranges of dimensions and time, while keeping the simulated process progression dynamics similar to real one. At this webinar we will introduce you to the application of the similarity theory to magnetic and thermal problem simulation.

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  • Download simulation examples:
    transient magnetics 1
    transient magnetics 2
    transient heat transfer 1
    transient heat transfer 2


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