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Electromagnetic coils simulations with QuickField

coil, wire loop, solenoid, Brooks coil, Helmholtz coil, Maxwell coil

Electromagnetic coils are used in many applications where the electromagnetic field needs to be generated or sensed. QuickField is very powerful tool for electromagnetic coil simulation. During this webinar we will demonstrate simulation of one-turn and multi-turn windings, special types of coils used for generating uniform magnetic fields, and coils as parts of the electric circuit. Electromagnetic analysis will be complimented by thermal and mechanical parameters evaluation.

  • Watch recorded webinar parts:


    1. One turn loop inductance

    2. Multiturn winding

    3. Helmholtz coil

    4. Maxwell coil

    5. Brooks coil

    6. Coil in electric circuit

    7. Coil heating

    8. Coil stress

    9. Coil motion dynamics
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  • Download simulation examples:
    One turn loop inductance,
    Magnetic field of the cylindrical coil,
    Brooks coil,
    Helmholtz coil,
    Maxwell coil,
    Relay dynamics simulation using Microsoft Excel and QuickField API.

    PCB design with QuickField