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Maxwell coil

A Maxwell coil is a device for producing a region of nearly uniform magnetic field.*  Maxwell coil is similar to Helmholtz coil, but with more complicated construction and better field uniformity.
This construction is formed by the three circular coils, placed on the surface of the virtual sphere. Central and side coils carry specially adjusted currents. Area of the quasi uniform field is located inside the coils.

Problem type:
Axisymmetric problem of DC magnetics


Maxwell coils

R = 1 m,
Current I = 1 A,
Media between the coils is air

Calculate the flux density distribution within the Maxwell coil. Find the area of uniform field.

Model may be defined and solved as a DC Magnetic Analysis problem.

QuickField results show uniform field on the level of B = 1.176e-6 T.

Maxwell coil simulation

Plot of the flux density along the axis of rotation of Maxwell coils.

Maxwell coil magnetic field

* Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maxwell_Coils

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