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QuickField Analysis for Non-Destructive Evaluation simulations

QuickField Analysis for Non-Destructive Evaluation simulations

Dr. James Claycomb who recently spoke about QuickField analysis for Superconductors, will continue his series of presentations by this new webinar about non-destructive evaluation simulations using QuickField software.

During this one-hour event, Professor Claycomb will show and speak about eddy current NDE, SQUID-based NDE systems, stress analysis near fatigue cracks and NDE using remnant magnetization and simulation of pipe inspection.

Read presentation in PDF format.

Watch online on YouTube:
Part 1. Introduction. Webinar overview.
Part 2. Circular drive coil above a semi-infinite conducting half plane.
Part 3. Force between the coil and the plane.
Part 4. Inspecting a pipe. Translating, moving the pipe in LabelMover. Time plot of the magnetic field.
Part 5. DC magnetics - investigating the induced magnetization.

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