A new approach to field modelling
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QuickField simulations for electron/ion optics

During this webinar we will explain how to use QuickField for calculating the charged particle trajectories in electromagnetic fields.

Different approaches will be discussed. We will start from simple example and show how to calculate the charged particle dynamics manually. Then we will demonstrate the built-in QuickField Postprocessor tool for non-relativistic particle trajectory analysis in electrostatic field. We will show how to use the free open-source ActiveField based utility TrajectoryTracer for calculation of the trajectories in magnetic fields. And for more complicated problems of electron/ion optics we will refer to combined use of QuickField with specialized third-party programs.

  • Watch recorded webinar parts:


    1. Charged particle in uniform electrostatic field

    2. Electrostatic particle accelerator

    3. Charged particle in uniform DC magnetic field

    4. Electron lens

    5. SIMION and QuickField integration

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  • Read presentation (in PDF format).

    Download simulation examples:
    Charged particle trajectory in the uniform static electric field. Case: cylindrical
    Linear particle accelerator (linac)
    Charged particle trajectory in the uniform static magnetic field. Case: plane-parallel
    Magnetic lens

    QuickField 6.4