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Electron-ion optic device

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QuickField may be applied for calculating the charged particle trajectories in the electromagnetic fields. QuickField Electrostatics package has a built-in tool for the particle trajectory calculation. If you need to analyze the charged particle trajectories in magnetic fields, it is possible to use the TrajectoryTracer simple ActiveField-based script, which numerically integrates the single particle dynamics equations. You may modify this script to suit your particular needs.

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Linear particle accelerator

Cylindrical deflector

Electric field lines

Charged particle in electric field

Particle in magnetic field

Cylindrical deflector

Intersecting conducting planes

Charged particles trajectory tracer

For more advanced electron and ion optics analysis we recommend using third-party specialized software combined with QuickField. Two popular packages - SIMION and Garfield may perform the charged particle trajectory analysis in the magnetic fields, which are imported from QuickField.

SIMION is a software package by Scientific Instrument Services Inc. for charged particle optics simulation. Detailed instruction for importing the magnetic field calculated by QuickField into SIMION is published at

  • Instructional video about the combined use of QuickField and SIMION is also available by permission of Scientific Instruments Services Inc.

    Garfield is an open-source code developed by Dr. Rob Veenhov from CERN for the detailed simulation of the gaseous detectors. It also supports the field import from QuickField.

  • Examples of electron-ion optic device modeling:
    Cylindrical deflector
    Electric field near the corner of two intersecting conducting planes

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  • Video:
    QuickField simulations for electron/ion optics

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    Transformers simulation with QuickField. Part 2