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Electron-ion optic device

QuickField may be applied for calculating the charged particle trajectories in the electromagnetic fields. QuickField Electrostatics package has a built-in tool for the particle trajectory calculation. If you need to analyze the charged particle trajectories in magnetic fields, it is possible to use the TrajectoryTracer simple ActiveField-based script, which numerically integrates the single particle dynamics equations. You may modify this script to suit your particular needs.

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For more advanced electron and ion optics analysis we recommend using third-party specialized software combined with QuickField. Two popular packages - SIMION and Garfield may perform the charged particle trajectory analysis in the magnetic fields, which are imported from QuickField.

SIMION is a software package by Scientific Instrument Services Inc. for charged particle optics simulation. Detailed instruction for importing the magnetic field calculated by QuickField into SIMION is published at

  • Instructional video about the combined use of QuickField and SIMION is also available by permission of Scientific Instruments Services Inc.

    Garfield is an open-source code developed by Dr. Rob Veenhov from CERN for the detailed simulation of the gaseous detectors. It also supports the field import from QuickField.

  • Examples of electron-ion optic device modeling:
    Cylindrical deflector
    Electric field near the corner of two intersecting conducting planes

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  • Video:
    QuickField simulations for electron/ion optics

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    PCB design with QuickField