A new approach to field modelling
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Problem type:
Axisymmetric problem of magnetostatics



Current of coil I = 0.001 A,
Coil turns N = 100,
Magnetic permeability of core: B-H curve,
Permanent magnet coercive force: Hc = 500 kA/m.

Calculate inductance of the loudspeaker coil taking core saturation into account.

Inductance of the coil is calculated as L = Ψ/(I*N) * N², where Ψ - coil magnetic flux, I*N - total coil current, N - number of turns.
Magnetic state of the core affects the inductance value. The problem is solved in two parts. First the magnetic field of the permanent magnet is simulated and the core permeability (magnetic state) is calculated. The magnetic state is then imported in the second problem. In the second problem the magnetic field of the coil is simulated and the inductance is calculated.

magnetic state import

Coil inductance L = 8.4·10-9/(0.001*100) * 100² = 0.84 mH.

magnetic field

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