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Solenoid under current load

QuickField simulation example

This is an example of the solenoid under current load simulation, performed with QuickField software.

Problem Type
Axisymmetric multiphysics problem of DC magnetics coupled to Stress analysis.

Inner radius R1 = 1 cm, outer radius R2 = 2 cm.
Solenoid under current load Calculate the mechanical stress distribution in the solenoid coil carrying current Winding R1 R2

Current density j = 4 MA/m²,
Coil Young modulus E = 107.5 GPa, Poisson ratio ν = 0.33.

Calculate the mechanical stress distribution.

In this example, we ignore the end effects and model the central part of the solenoid only.

Flux density and mechanical stress distribution in solenoid under current load:
solenoid expansion under magnetic forces