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QuickField to Excel data converter

QuickField problem database consists of several files. The physical parameters (material properties, boundary conditions, field sources) related to Block, Edge and Vertex labels are located in a separate Data file. Extension of the Data file name is based on the type of the analysis. The table below shows the correspondence between the analysis type and data file name extension:

Data file extension Analysis type
.dms DC Magnetics, Transient Magnetics
.dhe AC Magnetics
.des Electrostatics
.dcf DC Conduction
.dec AC Conduction
.dtv Transient Electric Field
.dht Heat Transfer
.dsa Stress Analysis

QuickField data files have proprietary binary formats. QuickField Data Editors allow defining the label properties and editing the Data files in QuickField User Interface.

It is possible to automatically export the physical data from QuickField Data files or import the data to QuickField from external libraries via Excel Tables using ActiveField API

QuickField - Excel Data Conversion pack includes the family of Microsoft Excel documents which provide capability of data exchange between QuickField Data files and Excel tables. These Microsoft Office documents, related to specific types of QuickField data files, have several worksheets (physical property tables, Controls with user interface buttons) and simple VBA macros which implement automatic Import and Export operations.