A new approach to field modelling
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Electric current flow simulation with QuickField

Electric current flow simulation with QuickField

QuickField features 3 electric modules for electric current flow simulation: DC conduction, AC conduction and Transient electric. In this webinar we demonstrate QuickField applicability for calculation of current distribution in conductors of various form, in grounding, surge arrester and cable insulation. Thermal effects caused by the heating are discussed.

  • Watch recorded webinar parts:


    1. Conducting plane resistance

    2. Ideal contact

    3. Contact resistance

    4. Ground connector

    5. Film heater

    6. Cable insulation leakage current

    7. Surge arrester transient current

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  • Read presentation (in PDF format).
  • Download simulation examples:
    Thin film resistance.
    Ground connector.
    Temperature distribution in the conducting sheet.
    3-phase cable.
    ZnO lighting arrester.