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Electromagnetic screening*

Power electric devices (transformers, transmission lines, ..) are sources of electric and magnetic fields. Strong electromagnetic fields can generate an electric current in other metal objects by electromagnetic induction. The induced current may cause an electric shock to persons or animals. It can also overload and destroy the electrical equipment.

In order to protect the equipment, humans and animals the electromagnetic screens are used.

  • In case of electrostatic field the screen can be made as grounded conducting sheet or net.
    You can model the electric screen with Electrostatics module of QuickField.

    electrostatic screen

  • Protection form the magnetostatic field may be achieved with the screens made of ferromagnetic material.
    You can model the magnetostatic screen with DC magnetics module of QuickField.

    magnetostatic screen

  • In case of alternate electromagnetic field the screen should be made of conducting material, and unlike electrostatic protection, it may or may not be grounded. The induced eddy currents oppose the electromagnetic field and do not let it penetrate through the screen. The AC or Transient Magnetics modules are suitable to perform simulation in this case.
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    QuickField 6.4