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Transformer design

QuickField packages that can be applied to the various aspects of transformer design:

  • AC magnetics
    Calculation of power losses, magnetic forces, induced voltages, eddy current distribution.
  • Transient magnetics
    Switching on and shutting down analysis. Pulse transformer design.
  • Heat transfer (coupled with AC or transient magnetics)
    Temperature distribution inside the transformer; evaluation of local overheating.
  • Stress analysis (coupled with AC or DC magnetics and/or Heat Transfer)
    Stress and strain distribution inside the windings and the core.
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  • Examples of transformer modeling:
    Transformer winding mutual inductance
    Welding transformer
    Pulse transformer.

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  • Video:
    Transformers simulation with QuickField
    Iron core loss calculation with QuickField

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    PCB design with QuickField