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QuickField for Electromagnetic Shielding Applications

QuickField for Electromagnetic Shielding Applications

Dr. James Claycomb who recently spoke about biophysical simulations, will continue his series of presentations by this new webinar about electromagnetic shielding applications using QuickField software.

The use of QuickField for shielding low frequency AC, static, and electromagnetic noise sources will be modeled. Examples include power line (50 or 60 Hz and harmonics), the geomagnetic field and its variations, lightning, stray fields from electric motors, and electromagnetic pulse (EMP) resulting from nuclear detonation. The shielding properties of various conducting, permeable and superconducting material combinations will be demonstrated.

  • Watch recorded webinar parts:


    1. Shielding with iron sphere

    2. Shielding with iron cylinder

    3. Superconducting shield

    4. Superconducting bowl shield with the optional layer of mu-metal

    5. Shielded rooms

    6. Lightning pulse

    7. Electromagnetic pulse

  • Watch online on YouTube:
    Part 1. Introduction. Overview of the webinar. Shielding curves for conducting and permeable (iron) enclosures. AC magnetics, magnetostatics modeling problems. Measuring shielding. Contour plots and individual values. Serial analysis with LabelMover to look for the best shielding, analyzing flux density. Highly permeable (mu-metal) shields, axial and transverse fields.
    Part 2. Superconducting shields, axial and transverse fields. Type I and Type II superconductors. Superconducting ring shields. Superconducting shields for biomagnetic measurements. Setting boundary conditions. Putting an extra layer. Combination superconducting and mu-metal shields. Improvement in signal-noise ratio, how to calculate.
    Part 3. Magnetically shielded rooms, to shield low-frequency field: Single layer (copper), Multi layer (copper + mu-metal), Doors and outlets. AC magnetics problem, axis symmetrical. Modeling gaps. Serial analysis with LabelMover to find the better design. Calculation of iterative modeling problems. Flux density in shielded rooms with and without a gap opening.
    Part 4. Electromagnetic pulses: Containing stray magnetic fields. Lightning, high current density. Transient magnetics modeling problem. Time plot for the magnetic field. Other electromagnetic pulses, EMP: high altitude nuclear detonation.
    Part 5. Shielding factor of concrete reinforced with rebar. Shielding of electromagnetic fields from devices, 60Hz frequency and deviating the Earth magnetic field. Analyzing shielding factors. Multi-layer shielding.
  • Read presentation in PDF format.
  • Download simulation examples:
    Iron sphere AC magnetic field shielding,
    Mu-metal cylinder shield for static magnetic field shielding,
    Superconducting bowl shield with the optional layer of mu-metal,

    PCB design with QuickField