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Power cable design with QuickField

Power cable design with QuickField

Power cable design includes many tasks: calculation of electric stress in insulation, determination of the capacitance and inductance of the cable, evaluation of the cable temperature and permitted current level, verification of the withstand capabilities of the cable under short circuit conditions.
QuickField offers a wide range of simulation modules for electric, magnetic, thermal and stress analysis. During this webinar we will demonstrate you how to use QuickField for power cable design.

  • Watch recorded webinar parts:


    1.1. Cable impedance. Capacitance

    1.2. Cable impedance. Inductance, resistance

    2. Cable insulation defect. Electric stress

    3. Stress control tube

    4. Automated cabled design script

    5. Cable 3D electrostatic analysis

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  • Read presentation (in PDF format).
  • Download simulation examples:
    Coaxial cable capacitance
    Coaxial cable inductance
    Stress control tube for cable termination.
    Power cable parameters calculation.
    Cable termination.

    QuickField 6.4