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Electromagnetic simulation*

Electromagnetic simulation of the coil

Electromagnetic simulation is modern technology for simulating electromagnetic devices, based on different simulation methods. It is more and more used to replace costly prototyping.

Electromagnetic simulation software became popular considerable later than structural analysis simulation software, and number of commercially available software packages for electromagnetic simulations today is less than number of tools for mechanical analysis.
Electromagnetic simulation software packages may be divided into two larger groups - circuit simulators and field simulators. Software for electromagnetic field simulation may also be subdivided according to frequency criteria: static electric and magnetic field simulation software, low frequency electromagnetic simulation software and high frequency electromagnetic software.

Most popular methods for field simulations now are finite elements, boundary elements or finite differences.
Using these terms, QuickField may be considered as a finite-element analysis-based electromagnetic simulation software for field simulations in static, low and medium frequencies. However, modern versions of QuickField have also limited abilities for circuit simulation (AC and Transient magnetic packages) and in some particular cases - for high frequency applications as well.

QuickField software provides easy way of introducing novices to electromagnetic simulation through the set of online tutorials in the Virtual Classroom and examples. However, it may be also used by experts for electromagnetic simulation of real industrial devices.

Video: QuickField for Electromagnetic Shielding Applications.

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