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Heat transfer simulation*

Heat transfer simulation or thermal simulation is the term used for simulation of temperatures and flows of thermal energy distribution is various objects and systems of objects.
Usually it requires taking into account various physical effects: mass transfer, thermal conductivity, radiation, phase transitions. These processes are extremely complex, and full-featured heat transfer simulation often requires parameters, which are hard to obtain, and may also be unstable.

heat transfer simulation of the tube

In many cases, often required for analysis during the design of electromagnetic devices or related technologies, main thermal transport is thermal conductivity; therefore more simple approaches are possible. That's why many electromagnetic analysis software packages, including QuickField, offer also limited possibilities for the heat transfer simulation. Heat transfer simulation in QuickField considers the temperatures distribution within simulation area. Media around is replaced by boundary conditions. Heat transfer may be caused by electromagnetic processes, and QuickField allows combined electromagnetic simulation with heat transfer simulation, which is called multiphysical coupling.

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