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What's new in QuickField 6.0

Release date: October 2013
Service pack 1: June 2014
Service pack 2: December 2014

QuickField is known as a very efficient FEA package for multiphysical analysis of plane-parallel or axisymmetrical 2D models. History of previous releases shows gradual increase of functionality - but within 2D setup. Starting from version 6.0 QuickField goes 3D, keeping the same user friendliness and speed associated with 2D versions.

QuickField 6.0 introduces the first step into 3D world - 3D extruded electrostatics. 3D geometric model may be created by conversion of existent 2D plane-parallel model to 3D, or built from scratch in QuickField preprocessor starting from planar sketch, each objects of which then extruded by adding height levels in the third dimension. This approach is called 3D extrusion. In this version only electrostatic analysis is allowed for 3D extrusion models. Other types of analysis will be expanded to 3D in future QuickField releases.

Main new features of QuickField 6.0 are:

Problem formulation