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High-voltage equipment design and software simulation

High voltage equipment includes electric circuit components operating under high enough voltage to potentially cause the safety concerns. High voltage capacitors, high voltage cables, high voltage breakers, high voltage transformers are used in electrical power distribution, X-Ray and particle beam generation, and variety of other scientific and industrial applications. High voltages and high currents generate substantial electromagnetic fields, which may require special measures for personal and environmental protection and affect the operation of other electrical devices located close to the high voltage equipment. This is a subject of EMC - Electromagnetic Compatibility analysis and often requires use of the simulation software packages.

Fig. 1 High voltage equipment

Special challenge in the high voltage equipment design relates to a trade-off between the device sizes and levels of the electrical stress in the insulation. Smaller distances and sharper edges between high-voltage(HV) and grounded electrodes cause higher electrical stresses, which may result in higher rate of insulation aging or even the electrical breakdown. Software simulation of the high voltage distribution helps to eliminate these risks.

High voltage breakdown simulation

Fig.2 High voltage breakdown simulation

QuickField software is often used for high voltage equipment simulation and design. Possible problem formulations may include Electrostatic analysis; AC, DC and Transient Electric analysis; and Transient Electromagnetic analysis for simulating transient processes with eddy currents during the switching on and off modes.

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