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Physical laws simulation with QuickField

Physical laws simulation with QuickField

QuickField software differs from the majority of FEA tools by its ultimate simplicity. High-school, college and university teachers may illustrate the physical phenomena by QuickField models, curious students may enhance their learning by detailed investigation of the physical laws. At this webinar we show live simulations of the basic laws of electricity, mechanics and heat transfer. These models may be directly used in the class, considered as templates for student assignments, or analyzed to verify QuickField accuracy for specific applications.


1. Ampere's force law

2. Biot-Savart law

3. Coulomb's law

4. Hooke's law

5. Joule-Lenz law

6. Faraday's law

7. Fick's laws

8. Fourier's law

9. Ohm's law

Watch online on YouTube.

Read presentation (in PDF format).

Simulation examples:
Ampere's force law
Biot-Savart law
Coulomb's law
Hooke's law
Joule-Lenz law
Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction
Fick's laws of diffusion
Ohm's law
Thermal conduction Fourier's law

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