A new approach to field modelling
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What's new in QuickField 4.1

Release date: September 1998

QuickField 4.1 is our second version designed for Windows 95/NT. We have fixed some errors and drawbacks of our previous release, and added a lot of new features. Here is a brief list of them:

General features

  • Command line for running QuickField in unattended mode, specifying the list of problems to be solved one by one;
  • The problem tree, as you normally see it to the left of QuickField window, now incorporates data label trees. You can directly edit material properties and boundary conditions in this view as well as select geometric objects by clicking corresponding labels.
  • Changing problem`s coordinate system (Cartesian or polar) or length units now is immediately reflected in the Model and Postprocessor views.
  • Creation of a new problem is now done through a wizard, allowing you to choose correct problem parameters while the problem is created.

Model Editor

  • The 'Smart Grid' mode changes grid size according to your zooming actions.
  • Creating new vertices and edges with mouse is now more convenient and safe.
  • You can select geometric objects by their labels.


  • Now draws field pictures faster.
  • New postprocessor window inherits previous window`s setting, including the contour.
  • The state of the window can be saved to a file for restoring in latter sessions (just as it was in version 3.4).
  • You can switch between color and gray-scale pictures to prepare reports for color or monochrome printers.
  • Docking window for local values:
    - highlights the quantity shown with the color map;
    - allows in-place editing of point's of interest coordinates (Cartesian or polar);
    - has its own context menu, providing fast access to several Controls in Field Picture dialog.
  • Docking legend window:
    - allows to manipulate the fill range;
    - provides selection of curves shown in XY-plot;
    - has its own context menu;
    - can be copied to Clipboard.
  • Force and torque integrals can now be calculated for stress analysis problem.
  • Tables can be saved as text files.
  • A special table containing field quantities calculated in nodes of rectangular grid can be saved to file in text or binary format.

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