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What's new in QuickField 6.3 service pack 2

Release date: 14 November 2018

New version QuickField 6.3 SP 2 differs from the version QuickField 6.3 SP1 in several new features:

  • Time and coordinate dependent coercive force.
    The permanent magnet coercive force which was a constant in previous versions can now be specified as a function of coordinates and time using formulas. Formula syntax supports using of arithmetic operations and a wide range of built-in functions. This expands the analysis possibilities in DC and Transient Magnetic formulations
    Time and coordinate dependent coercive force

  • "Zoom To Fit" button in the plot window toolbar
    Manipulation with plots in QuickField postprocessors becomes more flexible. You may now resize the plot not only by zooming in and out, but also using the "zoom to fit" operation, Button "Zoom to fit" is added to the XY-plot window toolbar.
    Zoom To Fit button in the plot window toolbar

  • Increased number of calculated harmonics
    The number of calculated harmonics in the Harmonic browser add-in has been increased from 100 to 1000.
    Increased  number of calculated harmonics

  • Electrical circuit elements have now a clearly marked direction of the positive current
    Circuit editor graphics of the previous QuickField version did not indicate the direction of the positive current in the circuit elements. It caused confusion in interpreting the results. Now symbol of each circuit passive element - resistor, capacitor, coil, as well as voltage or current source, and QuickField block- has an arrow that clearly shows the positive direction of the current flowing through it.
    Electrical circuit elements

List of the fixed errors includes:

  • Exporting picture now does not change the user-defined field picture settings.
  • Combining convection, radiation and heat flux boundary conditions on the same model edge now works correctly in thermal problems.
  • ...

Full list of changes and fixed errors is available for customers having an active maintenance contract.

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