A new approach to field modelling
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What's new in QuickField 6.3

Release date: February 2017

  • What's new in QuickField 6.3

    Initial temperature in transient heat transfer problems (2D)
    The default initial temperature for the transient heat transfer analysis in previous QuickField versions was always 0. To define other initial temperatures it was necessary to prepare a separate QuickField problem with the resulting temperature distribution then used as an initial condition.
    In new version it is simple to specify initial temperature as the problem property defined for the whole model. The initial temperature could be a constant or a function of coordinates.

    Surface integrals calculation in 3D problems
    Previous QuickField versions allowed integral calculation for 3D models only along the whole body surface.
    In new version the list of calculated 3D integral values is extended. It is now possible to select separate body surfaces for integration or use the cross-section plane as an integration surface.

    User-defined contour in 3D problems 2D section window
    In previous version it was possible to select of the group of connected edges as a contour and look at the field parameters distribution along this contour on XY-plot.
    In new version it is possible to build any custom contour in 2D cross-section window and construct both XY-plot and table with the field parameters distribution along the contour.

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