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What's new in QuickField 6.5

Release date: May 21, 2021

New version QuickField 6.5 brings more convenience, accuracy and visualization quality for 3D analysis. Starting from version 6.5 QuickField is 64-bit application for modern 64-bit Windows platforms.
Geometry Editor and Postprocessors for 3D models now are based on OpenGL version 3.3. This assures higher speed and quality of 3D graphics. QuickField 6.5 system requirements are specified here.

Finite element mesh generation in 3D Model Editor is greatly improved. Smoother FEA mesh provides better accuracy at the early stages of working with model.
Automatic 3D mesh. Version 6.4 on the left. Version 6.5 on the right

To manually fine-tune the mesh it is now possible to add vertices to the faces or edges of the imported 3D model and specify there the mesh steps (and/or field sources).
Adding vertices to 3D model

Legend in the 3D Postprocessors can now automatically adjust to the selection or visible region.
Legend auto adjust

List of the most important fixed errors:

  1. Edges and faces of the 3D model in the Model Editor and Postprocessor which became visible after using the cutting plane can now be selected by mouse click.
  2. Color map in and behind the cut plane corresponds to the selected physical property from the same side which is currently visible on display.
  3. 3D CAD import now works correctly for bodies which touch each other on curved surfaces