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What's new in QuickField 5.4

Release date: October 2006

Transient Electromagnetics with circuits connected

Combined field/circuit analysis introduced in QuickField 5.3 for AC magnetic problems is now extended to the transient electromagnetics. This formulation supports active and passive loads, end zone effects, complicated winding connections and may be effectively applied for the electric machine analysis as well as magnetic devices with solid (or thick) conductors. New postprocessing capabilities include in-depth time-domain analysis of the electric circuit attached to the magnetic field simulation domain.

Circuit Editor provides defining of the time-dependent field source parameters. Currents and voltages in the all branches of the circuit are then shown in the circuit calculator window and presented by plots.

LabelMover 2: connected circuit components variations and Tolerance Analysis

The new version of the simple tool for serial and parametric calculations LabelMover is able to modify component properties of the connected electric circuit as easy as the field model part sizes and physical properties.

One of the exciting features of the new LabelMover is its ability to perform the tolerance analysis, i.e. study of the result parameters variation caused by the manufacturing inaccuracies and unstable material properties. After the base QuickField problem is formulated and solved, it is possible to apply random changes to geometrical sizes and physical properties of some of its parts. LabelMover automatically generates series of QuickField calculations, and performs statistical analysis of the results. This tool may also be applied for estimation of the maximal possible deviation of input parameters providing the needed level of the system performance.

QuickField is now compatible with 64-bit versions of Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server.

QuickField Setup program now transparently supports 64 bit versions of Windows XP x64 Edition and Windows 2003 Server x64 edition. 64 bit platform is recognized automatically, no actions are required from the end user.

Numerous enhancements in the Model Editor and ActiveField

Model Editor features new modes of drag-and-drop operations, faster refresh of the image displayed, better look-and-feel and improved image quality of printing and file saving.

QuickField's object model, called ActiveField now supports additional methods and properties related to the new analysis types and provides more possibilities to software developers using QuickField as a field model library.