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What's new in QuickField 5.6 SP1

Release date: April 2009

Differences between previous released QuickField 5.6:

1. Animated field view
Field distribution in transient and time-harmonic problems varies with time. In previous versions of QuickField, static pictures were only displayed at specified times. You will now be able to view an animated process with phase/time increments (see View>Animation).

2. Time harmonic postprocessor improvements
The QuickField postprocessor displays the momentary, effective and maximum values of time-harmonic parameters. It will soon be possible to control the time-harmonic parameters display mode using a simple pull-down toolbar menu.

Momentary/RMS/Peak switch

3. Transient problems analysis
Analysis of time-dependent integral parameters is often required for transient problem simulation. The improved package will display any integral values as plots and tables (see View>Time plot).

Avarage volume temperature of cable vs. time

4. Transient problem partial results saving
Transient problem analysis can be very time consuming. Now you can interrupt the analysis at any time and view partial results using the regular QuickField postprocessor.