A new approach to field modelling
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What's new in QuickField 4.3

Release date: February 2002

ActiveField™ Technology extends the possibilities of usual FEA program by converting it to a flexible development platform for engineering applications.

In addition to the features of previous QuickField versions ways of your control over our software are not restricted by its graphical user interface any longer. You also could develop your own custom-made applications, interacting with QuickField core through Automation (former known as OLE Automation).

The most important benefits of ActiveField technology:

  • Repetitive tasks automation.
    Example: performing of calculations with incremental values of model parameters.

  • Parametrized geometry definition for specific model classes.
    Example: Parametrized geometry description of electric motors using standard geometry fragments (slots, coils, cores) for QuickField geometrical model generation.

  • Specific results calculation automation.
    Example: Specific calculation can be programmed to obtain inductances and power losses of electric motor. Another example is capacitance matrix calculation for system of conductors of multi-layer PCB.

  • QuickField field simulation as a part of more complicated task.
    Example: electrical circuit parameter optimization with QuickField simulation to obtain coil inductance for each iteration of optimization algorithm.

  • QuickField using together with Microsoft Office, MATLAB, AutoCAD and other specific tools for solving particular task in the common development environment.

Most of modern development environments supports this technology.

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